Teeth Whitening Promotion: 20% Off for Two

02 Feb, 2022 | By teethwhiteningbypearl

Flowers, chocolate, and candy kisses—ooh. It’s the most romantic time of the year, and at Pearl Teeth Whitening in Vancouver, we’re about to make kissing a more beautiful experience. This February, we’ve got a special teeth whitening promotion: 20% off for you and your partner!

If Cupid hit the mark this year, a little kissing could be on your agenda along with chocolates, dinner, long-stemmed roses (or whatever you like). As a team that offers professional teeth whitening in Vancouver, we at Pearl are here to get your smile smooch-ably spectacular. 

Kissing is romantic and exhilarating—it gives you a wonderful little zing. That’s because a kiss is NOT just a kiss. There’s more going on that you might realize. Kissing triggers the release of a bunch of feel-good chemicals—it causes the brain to secrete oxytocin, which stimulates feelings of love and devotion. It’s quite literally a love drug. There’s adrenalin too, which explains the rush you feel after a really good kiss. Finally, dopamine and serotonin respectively work to process emotions and elevate mood. 

For those who want to turn up the kissability factor, there’s nothing like a shiny white smile. That’s where Pearl Teeth Whitening comes in. 

Your whitest, brightest Valentine’s smile

  • Book a teeth whitening session for two throughout Feb (20% off)
  • Chew xylitol gum—this natural sweetener helps protect against plaque
  • Cut back on coffee, tea, wine, and soda—all these stain your teeth and damage enamel
  • Keep teeth bright by using a whitening toothpaste & mouthwash

At Pearl, our dental hygienists use CDA-approved products and processes to get teeth 2 to 10 times brighter in about an hour. By comparison, even the best over-the-counter teeth whitening products will only whiten by about one shade—over two weeks.

Visit our beautiful office at Granville & 16th. We’ll remove ugly staining and get your teeth whiter and brighter, so when kissing time arrives—you can smile and enjoy it. 

Call 604-620-9901 to take advantage of our limited time Valentine’s teeth whitening promotion, and get 20% off for two people.

Enjoy beautiful white teeth in Vancouver! Contact 604-620-9901 or book online

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