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Can Teeth Cleaning Prevent Halitosis?

Let’s start addressing the word “Halitosis”, what is Halitosis? Halitosis, commonly known as bad breath, can be embarrassing and impact your social and professional interactions. Teeth cleaning, such as regular dental hygiene visits, regular brushing and flossing, can help prevent and reduce halitosis. But it may not be the only factor at play. Halitosis can […]

27 Sep, 2023 | By teethwhiteningbypearl

White spot lesions (WSL) is a dental condition characterized by the appearance of white or chalky spots on the surface of a tooth. These spots can be indicative of early stage tooth decay or dental caries. Plaque is composed of bacteria that can cause demineralization of the teeth by releasing acids onto the teeth. WSLs can […]

13 Sep, 2023 | By teethwhiteningbypearl
Dental Cleanings Play an Important Role in Veneer Maintenance

If you search for “Dental Cleanings Near Me” it is likely you will see a number of dental offices come up within this search. If you have veneers, keeping your gums healthy by getting regular dental cleanings is extremely important.  Dental veneers are thin, custom-made shells typically crafted from porcelain or composite resin. They are […]

29 Aug, 2023 | By teethwhiteningbypearl
Your Search for “Teeth Whitening Near Me” Vs “Veneers Near Me”

If you’re looking for a cosmetic dental procedure you may be searching for both “teeth whitening near me” or “veneers near me”. It is important to remember the order in which you undergo both professional teeth whitening and veneers. Here’s some helpful tips: Tip: Opt for Teeth Whitening Before Veneers If you are searching for […]

10 Aug, 2023 | By teethwhiteningbypearl
Oral Cancer Self Assessment

Oral cancer is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition that affects millions of people worldwide. Early detection plays a crucial role in successful treatment and improved outcomes. One effective way to identify potential signs of oral cancer is through self-assessment. In this blog, we will guide you through a self-assessment for oral cancer, helping you […]

25 Jul, 2023 | By teethwhiteningbypearl
Benefits of Fluoride for Your Dental Hygiene

Fluoride, a naturally occurring mineral, has long been a topic of discussion and debate. While some individuals express concerns about its safety and potential toxicity, scientific research and dental professionals such as; dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants support the benefits of fluoride in promoting oral health and optimal dental hygiene. In this blog, we […]

12 Jul, 2023 | By teethwhiteningbypearl
Dental Hygiene & Acid Erosion

Have you ever thought about acid erosion being an important part of your dental hygiene?  We all know that having a glass of wine or two can be hard to resist.. Just like how many people enjoy eating fruits on a daily basis. But did you know that enjoying these things can be damaging to […]

27 Jun, 2023 | By teethwhiteningbypearl
Dental Cleaning on a Budget

We all know that having a dental cleaning twice a year helps improve our health. Some people may not have dental insurance or cannot afford dental cleaning, especially with inflation! If you are managing a budget and need preventative dental care, Pearl Boutique Dental can help you!  How does billing work for dental cleaning? Dental […]

01 Jun, 2023 | By teethwhiteningbypearl
Independent Dental Hygiene

We all know the feeling of going to the dentist, all the adrenaline from stressful thoughts. But did you know, an independent dental hygiene office is a stress free experience in a more relaxing space?  As an independent dental hygiene office in Vancouver. We accommodate every patient in a spa like setting and ensures the […]

16 May, 2023 | By teethwhiteningbypearl
Tooth Jewel Application

Want to have a fun way to add a sparkle to that smile? How about trying a Swarovski tooth jewel application! This beauty aesthetic can elevate that smile to the next level. Whether it would be for attending a graduation, rocking the dance floor in a party or even in weddings. Here, at Pearl Boutique […]

04 May, 2023 | By teethwhiteningbypearl
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