7 Reasons to Try Teeth Whitening at Pearl Boutique

26 Jan, 2022 | By teethwhiteningbypearl

You’ve seen the results and heard the ads—laser teeth whitening is everywhere. As experienced dental hygienists, our team at Pearl Boutique has offered professional teeth whitening in Vancouver since 2014, and we’ve more or less perfected our technique. 

People choose teeth whitenening for lots of different reasons. Your smile reflects your personality— it’s one of the best tools to welcome new people into your life. And while lots of over-the-counter treatments are available (strips, toothpaste, rinses, etc.) we wanted to share seven reasons people keep coming back to Pearl for professional teeth whitening in Vancouver.

1) Brighter, Whiter Results

Our hygienists use dental-grade products and tools to deliver wow-level whiteness in one hour. Your teeth will be 2 to 10 shades whiter–a visible difference. Schedule an appointment before your next date, reunion, interview, or birthday, anytime you want your smile to sparkle.

2) A Quick Confidence Boost

A beautiful, bright smile provides a quick boost of confidence and self-esteem. Tooth colour impacts the way you feel about yourself. With professional teeth whitening, you’ll always feel more confident flashing those pearly whites.

3) Turn Back Time 

Why do our teeth lose their sparkle? Time, poor dental hygiene, bad habits—the list goes on. As our enamel erodes, it’s easier for pigments from food and drink—red wine, coffee, tea, etc.—to seep into our teeth, causing them to dull and grey. Our hygienists use a whitening gel and Superior LED Cooling light to remove deep-set stains for a more youthful, vibrant smile.

4) All Gain—No Pain

As dental hygienists, our team takes special precautions to make every visit a 5-star experience. Teeth whitening products contain powerful active ingredients that can lead to irritation when improperly handled. We apply a buffer gel and use both a bite block and cheek retractor to minimize contact of sensitive soft-tissue areas with active ingredients. You get fast results unmatched by at-home treatments—with greater safety and comfort.

5) We Polish & Protect

Our objective at Pearl isn’t just beauty. We are committed to your oral health. That’s why as part of our treatment, we check the condition of your teeth and gums to make sure you’re a good candidate for whitening. Dental cleaning and whitening bundles are available for beautiful teeth that are healthy and strong. We offer 50% off teeth whitening for first-time clients booking a bundle—and 25% off whitening for our return clients!

6) Customized Results

One of the best reasons to book professional teeth whitening is customization. The colour of individual teeth can sometimes vary. We can customize the whitening agent and application of the light to help make your smile more even and beautiful.

7) Safety is Our Priority

At Pearl, our laser teeth whitening treatment provided us approved by the Canadian Dental Association for both safety and efficacy. All our high-quality dental-grade ingredients are exclusively available for professional use and are also CDA-approved. From start to finish, your treatment will be administered by a licenced dental hygienist who will provide individualized care that considers the history of your oral and general health.

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If fresh, sparkling teeth is your objective, the team at Pearl Boutique can help you get there. As one of Vancouver’s first dedicated teeth whitening boutiques, we’re here to deliver the results that will leave you smiling. 

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