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Teeth Whitening At Pearl Boutique

Thinking about teeth whitening? Well you came to the right page. Getting your teeth whitened can be a rewarding experience and a boost of self confidence. In this blog, we will discuss the process of teeth whitening and aftercare treatment before your next session.  How does teeth whitening at Pearl work?  When getting your teeth […]

14 Feb, 2024 | By teethwhiteningbypearl
Periodontal Probing with Dental Hygiene

Let’s start this blog by addressing what periodontal probing is. Periodontal probing is a dental procedure used to assess the health of the gums and supporting structures around the teeth. It is a critical part of a dental hygiene examination, especially when evaluating the presence and severity of gum disease.  The primary purpose of periodontal […]

24 Jan, 2024 | By teethwhiteningbypearl
The Canadian Dental Care Plan & Your Dental Cleanings Coverage

Canada has a new Canadian Dental Care Plan (CDCP) that helps Canadians that have low income access dental cleanings and other dental care. Service Canada will determine the eligibility for each individual and children under the age of 18 will be determined by the parents or guardians eligibility.  In addition, this act will help Canadians […]

21 Dec, 2023 | By teethwhiteningbypearl
Clenching and Grinding During the Holidays? Tips by Your Dental Hygienist in Vancouver

Clenching and grinding teeth, a condition known as bruxism, can be influenced by various factors, and stress is a common one. The holiday season can be stressful for some individuals. Here are a few tips by your Dental Hygienist in Vancouver that may contribute to increased teeth clenching and grinding and ways to prevent them.  […]

13 Dec, 2023 | By teethwhiteningbypearl
Teeth Whitening for the Holidays

Getting your teeth whitened for the holidays is a personal choice, and whether it’s a “must” depends on individual preferences. However, there are several reasons why some people may choose teeth whitening for the holidays.  Teeth whitening enhances confidence Whiter teeth can boost your confidence and self-esteem. A radiant smile can make you feel more […]

29 Nov, 2023 | By teethwhiteningbypearl
Using Your Dental Insurance for Your Dental Cleaning Before the End Of The Year

Using dental insurance and getting your dental cleaning before the end of the year can be a prudent financial decision, especially if you want to utilize any remaining dental insurance benefits you may have for the current year. In this blog, we will focus on some key reasons why using your dental insurance before the […]

14 Nov, 2023 | By teethwhiteningbypearl
Halloween and Dental Hygiene

Halloween is a festive time of year that many people, especially children, look forward to. It’s a time for dressing up in costumes, going trick or treating, and indulging in sweet treats. While it’s essential to have fun and enjoy the holiday, it’s also important to be mindful of you and your children’s dental hygiene. […]

24 Oct, 2023 | By teethwhiteningbypearl
Child Dental Cleaning & Care Guide

Starting your child’s dental cleaning & care at an early stage not only helps them get in the habit of taking care of their teeth but also helps with their oral health. By discussing a helpful guide and leading by example, these tips can help benefit your child’s oral health.  Start early Beginning dental cleaning […]

10 Oct, 2023 | By teethwhiteningbypearl
Can Teeth Cleaning Prevent Halitosis?

Let’s start addressing the word “Halitosis”, what is Halitosis? Halitosis, commonly known as bad breath, can be embarrassing and impact your social and professional interactions. Teeth cleaning, such as regular dental hygiene visits, regular brushing and flossing, can help prevent and reduce halitosis. But it may not be the only factor at play. Halitosis can […]

27 Sep, 2023 | By teethwhiteningbypearl

White spot lesions (WSL) is a dental condition characterized by the appearance of white or chalky spots on the surface of a tooth. These spots can be indicative of early stage tooth decay or dental caries. Plaque is composed of bacteria that can cause demineralization of the teeth by releasing acids onto the teeth. WSLs can […]

13 Sep, 2023 | By teethwhiteningbypearl
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