The Importance of a Teeth Whitening by a DENTAL PROFESSIONAL

01 Aug, 2018 | By teethwhiteningbypearl

There are three professionals that are qualified to provide a safe and effective teeth whitening experience for you, they are the dental team:

Dental Hygienists, Dentists & Dental Assistants (in the presence of a dentist).




Why is it important to see a dental professional for teeth whitening?


Among many reasons the most important reason is that Dental Professionals are trained to look after your mouth health and appearance. The employees in teeth whitening spas do not have to have any training  or experience in teeth whitening.

Only a Dental Professional is trained to look at the teeth and tell you if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening.  Some people have staining on their teeth that will not whiten, depending on why their teeth appear darker. As well, there are some contra-indications to teeth whitening, that a Dental Professional will be able to identify. Some of those contra-indications include: infection in the area, severe wear or breakdown of the tooth or root of the tooth, if the teeth have heavy build up and are in need of a cleaning, or if there are too many crowns, bridges or fillings in the area.

In addition, Dental Professionals are the only people that can apply protection to your gums and any gum recession, as whitening gel will cause sensitivity and irritation to these areas if they are not protected. A spa technician is not allowed to legally touch your mouth or teeth and are not able to apply this protection for you; for this reason, spas have to order weaker spa-grade teeth whitening products. In order to get any significant results with an in-office teeth whitening you have to use dental grade products that are strong enough to lighten the teeth in one visit, therefore your gums need to be protected.

Dental professionals are the only people that can order these dental grade products, that meet a Canadian standard of approval before they are put on the market. Spa grade teeth whitening products do not need to meet the same standards.

Keep your health and wellness care in the hands of people trained to provide it. See a physiotherapist for physio, see a hairdresser for a hair cut and see a dental professional for your teeth.



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