Dental Remineralization

Using fluoride works to restore the mineral qualities of tooth enamel to keep your teeth smooth and strong.

Services Included in Dental Remineralization

Fluoride Application

Once your cleaning and/or whitening service is complete, you can opt for a remineralizing fluoride treatment.

A foaming fluoride gel will be applied to your teeth. This treatment works to boost enamel, protect against decay, and can even help reduce tooth sensitivity. Because enamel cannot be restored or regenerated, a fluoride treatment is the number one solution to remineralize your teeth.

**Please note, all services included in the cleanings are offered if you WANT them and nothing is mandatory**


We do not directly bill to your insurance. We believe it is important for our clients to be fully aware of what is being billed to their insurance companies. This is why we collect payment up front for your cleaning and then we will submit your claim to your insurance company, so you can be directly reimbursed. We show you the exact claim we will send to your insurance company before we send it, so you know exactly how much you have used from your insurance and how much to expect back. Don’t worry, no paper work for you, we take care of all the paper work, you just wait for a cheque or direct deposit!


We have a referral base for highly recommended dentists when additional treatment may be needed. If an issue is detected, further steps are only taken with your participation and at your request.


If you do not have insurance, we take off an additional 10%.

If you are looking for a comfortable, relaxing experience with no needles, drills, or expensive treatment plans, then Pearl Dental Hygiene Clinic in Vancouver is the place for you. All of the dental hygiene fees are structured according to the BC Dental Hygiene Association fee guide, all fees are about 30% less than the BC Dental Association fee guide fees, meaning dental cleaning costs less when completed in an independent office.

You will never have to wait due to overbooking like most dental offices, and you will only pay for the services rendered. Great hygiene care doesn’t have to come with a large price tag. We want our clients to receive the best dental hygiene care at affordable prices.



At Pearl Dental Hygiene Clinic, any new client who receives their first dental cleaning can receive 50% off in-office teeth whitening (LED).

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  • All dental hygiene cleaning pricing is based on a 1 hour cleaning and includes the examination, scaling, root planing, polish and fluoride. Cleanings that take longer than 1 hour will cost more.


We’re proud to share that Pearl Teeth Whitening in Vancouver has a 5-star rating with 131 reviews on Google


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