Teeth Whitening Aftercare: How to Maintain your White Smile.

20 May, 2022 | By teethwhiteningbypearl

So, you’ve had your teeth professionally whitened, now what? The first 24 – 48 hours post teeth whitening treatment is important to ensure longer lasting results. At Pearl Boutique Dental Hygiene in Vancouver, we follow, what Dental professionals call, ‘the White Diet’. It recommends that for the first 48 hours you eliminate, (or at least minimize), eating and drinking items that would normally stain a white t-shirt.

What you Should eat Post Treatment

To prolong your teeth whitening Vancouver treatment, anything you eat and drink should be light in colour, soft, not an extreme temperature and non acidic. The best choices include: milk, pasta, white rice, eggs, white cream sauces, skinless chicken breast, turkey, noodles, bananas, cauliflower, white yogurt, water, coconut water and clear alcohols.

What to Avoid

To avoid staining your newly white smile, it is best to avoid toothpastes that are not white in color, fruit juices, tea, coffee, red wine, dark beers, energy drinks. Additionally, colourful fruits & vegetables (oranges, yellows, reds, purples, greens), chocolate, and red sauces.

If you have to eat or drink something that isn’t recommended, try using a straw, your back teeth, and rinse your mouth afterwards. That evening you should brush gently and avoid using teeth whitening or baking soda tooth paste.

48 Hours and Beyond

Beyond 48 hours you want to maintain an ongoing oral care routine. This would include brushing, flossing and an oral rinse every morning and night. Keep up with your dental cleanings (every 6 months or so), and depending on your lifestyle, consider scheduling professional teeth whitening Vancouver touch-ups every four to six months and using an at home Whitening Pen as needed.

Taking care with what you eat and drink post treatment, using Listerine White daily mouth rinse, Fluoride toothpaste, Sensodyne or Colgate pro relief, will help extend your teeth whitening vancouver. Keep in mind these are suggestions and we always ask that you defer to your own body when making decisions on aftercare.

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