How many dental cleanings should I get per year?

02 Apr, 2015 | By teethwhiteningbypearl

The number of dental cleanings needed per year changes for each individual. It is recommended to go to your dental hygienist for an exam of your oral health, including gum and bone health surrounding your teeth. After your dental hygiene exam and cleaning the dental hygienist with recommend what is an optimal time frame for you.

Here are some of the deciding factors the dental hygienist will consider:

1) Level of tartar

2) Level of plaque

3) Degree of redness in the gums

4) Degree of bleeding in the gums

5) Probing depths – measuring the level of swelling in the gums and possible bone loss

6) Overall health (ex:heart disease, diabetes, cancer, pulmonary disease, respiratory disease)

7) Caries risk- how prone you are to getting cavities

Generally the dental hygienist is going to recommend either a 3month, 4month or 6month recall based on these findings. The dental hygienist will also recommend oral hygiene tips for at home to help maintain your oral health between dental cleanings.

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