Pearl Teeth Whitening Offers New Patients Oral Cancer Screening

06 Apr, 2022 | By teethwhiteningbypearl

At Pearl Teeth Whitening in Vancouver, we’ve offered dental cleaning and whitening services since launching in 2014. As a team of dental hygienists, your health and wellness are our number one priority. Pearl’s focus has typically been erasing surface stains for brighter, more brilliant smiles, but we are keenly aware oral cancer is on the rise. As dental hygienists, we feel it is our responsibility to look after the beauty and health of our patients. 

We know the idea of checking for mouth sores, patches, and growths can seem kind of yucky. However, small, seemingly insignificant signs can be early indicators of some pretty important health issues, including oral cancer. While learning about a condition can be scary, the good news is that many of them are easily treatable—if caught early.

VELscope for Easy and Effective Oral Screening before Teeth Whitening

So how does our oral cancer examination work? Simple. For the month of April, any new patient who books a dental cleaning in Vancouver at Pearl will receive a free oral cancer screening, which is quick and easy, thanks to our investment in VELscope technology.

Our hygienists use this award-winning technology to scan your mouth, checking the cheeks, roof, and floor for any visible abnormalities. The scan is painless, non-invasive, and only takes a couple of minutes. There are no stains or rinses necessary, VELscope is simply one of the easiest ways to check for potential illness. If anything turns up, our team will provide a referral to an oral pathologist for diagnosis.

With the scan and check-up complete, our hygienists will continue with your service, whether it’s a dental cleaning, teeth whitening—or both. With mask mandates finally loosening, a lot of people are ready to get out there and socialize. At Pearl, we can make sure your smile is pixel perfect–and healthy, too!

As one of Vancouver’s longest-running teeth whitening boutiques, our team uses only CDA approved products and processes to effective make smiles 2-10 shades whiter.

Don’t forget, clean teeth can amplify and prolong the results of teeth whitening, so many new patients choose to take advantage of our one-time special offer—50% off teeth whitening when booked with a dental cleaning. 

At Pearl Teeth Whitening, we love giving Vancouverites a reason to smile. This April, book a dental cleaning and receive a complimentary oral cancer screening. Schedule your spring appointment now. Book online or call 604-620-9901.

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