Say “I Do” to White Wedding Day Smile with Teeth Whitening in Vancouver

15 Mar, 2023 | By teethwhiteningbypearl

Schedule a teeth whitening session in Vancouver about one month before your wedding for optimal results.

You already have the cake, clothes, and seating plan. One last item to tick off the list is your smile. We work with many brides and grooms at Pearl Teeth Whitening in Vancouver. As dental hygienists, we provide safe and efficacious teeth whitening with processes and tools approved by the Canadian Dental Association. If you want to ensure your wedding day is all smiles, here are some tips for achieving maximum radiance!

Schedule Teeth Whitening in Vancouver 1 Month Before the Wedding

Teeth whitening works a little differently for everyone. At Pearl in Vancouver, our clients see a difference of 2-10 shades in about an hour. For brides and grooms, we recommend booking an appointment about a month before the wedding to ensure teeth are white and bright without any sensitivity! Our hygienists will check your oral health before applying a dental-grade whitening paste that is activated by our LED light. We re-apply the paste and check your progress periodically for even and beautiful results!

Note: Schedule teeth whitening within three months of cleaning for best results. Ask about our dental cleaning and whitening packages.

2 Weeks Before the Wedding

To maintain optimal teeth whitening results, practise good oral hygiene—that means brushing twice a day and flossing once. Swish with a rinse if you’ve enjoyed heavily pigmented foods or drinks like red wine or spaghetti sauce. Use at-home products like whitening toothpaste, strips, or rinse to keep your smile bright and beautiful. The Wicked White Whitening Pen is one of our all-time favourites for easy touch-ups.

1 Week Before the Wedding

Your smile is at its brightest. To keep it that way, be mindful of what you eat and drink. Ensure you enjoy lots of water, which helps swish particles out of your mouth. Try to avoid heavily pigmented foods/drinks like grape juice and curry. For example, opt for a creamy, delicious latte instead of black coffee. 

The Day Before

At this point, you’ve probably got a lot on your mind. You’ve been rocking the pearlies—give yourself a final check using a whitening pen or strips for a quick touch-up as needed. Always make sure to follow any given instructions for optimal results and to avoid potential discomfort and sensitivity. 

Pearl Teeth Whitening in Vancouver 

Results from professional teeth Whitening in Vancouver can last up to three years, depending on lifestyle habits and hygiene. As a private boutique with a spa-like atmosphere, a relaxing session at Pearl is a fantastic set-up for a lifetime of smiles.

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