How Much is Laser Teeth Whitening

05 Apr, 2021 | By teethwhiteningbypearl

Do you love the idea of glistening white teeth? When your smile needs a pick-me-up, teeth whitening is a safe, proven way to get your smile two to ten shades brighter. If you’re curious about the cost—how much is laser teeth whitening?—this is the blog for you.

So, How Much is it?

The price is determined by three factors: the person doing the treatment, cost of chair time, and product quality. A Canadian dentist may charge upwards of $1000 due to the cost of their chair time. As a teeth whitening clinic in Vancouver, we can offer moderately priced services, because we operate exclusively as a dental hygiene clinic. In other words, you get the dental-grade training and products for a fraction of the cost. Laser teeth whitening at Pearl Boutique starts at 200-$300, depending on the level of staining (and therefore the time required to remove it).

Why Laser Teeth Whitening?

Lots of teeth whitening options are available on the market, including at-home treatments. In-office laser teeth whitening has become tremendously popular as the gold standard of whitening. There are no messy trays or strips. It’s painless, effective, and instant. At Pearl Boutique, all laser teeth whitening takes place in sterile conditions. Certified dental hygienists perform and monitor the whole procedure.

What is it Like?

While dental work makes a lot of people nervous, Pearl Teeth Whitening offers a more spa-like experience. We apply a powerful but gentle professional dental-grade whitening gel to your teeth while you relax. A superior LED cooling light is focused on the teeth to enhance the whitening effects of the gel. What makes it superior? Systems like ZOOM rely on halogen. However, halogen often leads to sensitivity. Newer offices opt for LED, which dramatically improves comfort levels—many people feel no effects at all! 

Stick with the Professionals

If laser teeth whitening is on your to-do list, stick with the professionals. Only dentists and hygienists can order and use dental quality products for whitening and protection (such as a gingival barrier for gum protection. These products are more expensive than their non-dental counterparts. Tested for efficacy and safety by Canadian Dental and Health Authorities, they are the strongest, safest products on the market, particularly in the hands of a skilled professional.

What Makes Pearl Teeth Whitening Different?

Healthy, polished teeth are our specialty. We use a peroxide whitening gel and an LED light that works to speed up the process. Our approach is to perform two to four (depending on staining) 15-minute intervals with a series of whitening gels that get into the crevices go deeper each round. At the end of the whitening treatment, we apply a desensitizing and re-mineralizing treatment that works to prevent further staining. 

Combo Dental Cleaning & Laser Teeth Whitening Treatments

We offer useful packages at Pearl Boutique. With a holistic approach to health and beauty, we offer discounts on laser teeth every time you book a cleaning. This way, your teeth aren’t only shiny and pretty, they are also healthy and clean. New clients get 50% off laser teeth whitening with the purchase of an initial dental hygiene cleaning. Return clients can enjoy 25% off hygiene and laser teeth whitening treatments

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