Overdue for Dental Cleaning? Put Your Teeth in Good Hands

01 Sep, 2021 | By teethwhiteningbypearl

Okay, we get it. The Big-C derailed a lot of plans: weddings, reunions–all types of travel. Can dental cleaning be any different? Nah. But the good news, your body will give you some not-so-subtle hints to let you know “it’s time.”

As a boutique that offers dental cleaning in Vancouver, we’re proud to say we’re making the city smile. We offer dental-grade hygiene and whitening services administered by experienced and certified dental hygienists, so you can always expect a professional experience in a comfortable boutique atmosphere. 

We recommend having your teeth cleaned at least one to two times a year, depending on your habits. For example, if you’re a coffee or wine lover (or both). Your teeth may be prone to staining and may need some extra care to keep them clean and white.

So, how do you know that it’s really, really time to schedule a cleaning? Your body will let you know. Below are just a few telltale signs that dental cleaning is overdue.

Telltale Signs It’s Time to Schedule Dental Cleaning

Bad Breath

One of the simplest signs is halitosis. Caused by a sticky build-up of bacteria (aka plaque), bad breath isn’t just social suicide, it’s also an early warning that a lot of bad bacteria is gathering in your mouth—and it’s time to do something about it.

Your Pearly Whites…Aren’t

Dullness and discolouration are early signs that a cleaning is overdue. Remember, dental cleaning isn’t just about keeping your smile beautiful, it’s necessary for your overall health and wellness.

Warning Signs

Below are warning signs your body is in distress due to oral hygiene. If you’ve noticed any of these symptoms, schedule a dental cleaning immediately to minimize the risk of potential infection/damage to gums/teeth.

Bleeding Gums

Gums are a sensitive part of the body. If you notice traces of blood when eating or brushing, it’s a sign that heavy tartar build-up at the base of the teeth is starting to weaken the gums. Book a dental cleaning to have heavy bacteria-filled deposits professionally removed, and give sensitive gums a chance to recover.

Inflamed Gums 

Red means danger. And your gums aren’t any exception. Like any part of the body, inflammation and swelling are a sign your body is fighting bacterial infection.

Get Started Now

If you’ve put off a dental cleaning for way too long—don’t worry. The dental hygienists at Pearl Teeth Whitening in Vancouver are ready to assist. Every session starts with an assessment where your hygienist will check the health of your teeth and gums. This includes oral cancer screening and recording any existing restorations or defects. With a full session of scaling and root plaining to remove plaque your teeth will be healthy and clean in no time. You can even opt for a polish and fluoride application to get your teeth healthy and sparkling.

For patients with serious staining, don’t forget that every time you book a dental cleaning session, you are entitled to 25% off laser teeth whitening. 

At Pearl, there are no extended waitlists, and you only pay for services rendered. We believe quality dental care should be accessible and affordable. If you’re ready to clean up your act (or at least your teeth), call us at 604-620-9901 or book your appointment online

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