Making the White Choices for Healthy Teeth

11 Oct, 2011 | By teethwhiteningbypearl

Looking for the best way to whiten teeth in Vancouver? From home-based bleaching strips to professional whitening treatments, many options are available. However, there are choices you can make in your daily life to help keep your teeth healthy and white.

A new study on the beverage consumption of children in Singapore reveals that more than half the children aged 7 to 10 aren’t drinking the enough milk to meet their recommended daily intake—and this trend is occurring world-wide.

Kids are substituting more nutritious beverages such as juice and milk with sugary, carbonated beverages. Adults also tend to opt for sodas, coffee, and alcohol over healthier choices. In other words, instead of drinks that contribute to the beauty and health of your teeth, people are consuming liquids that stain and wear through enamel.

What’s the reason? The theories range from marketing to habits learned during childhood. Additionally, most people simply overestimate the amount of milk they consume daily.

Simply increasing the amount of calcium in your diet can vastly improve the appearance of your teeth. Additionally, calcium is good for your overall health and improves the function of nerve and muscle tissue. Other calcium-rich food choices include tofu, green leafy vegetables, cheese, and yoghurt.

Through simply dietary choices you can improve the strength and beauty of your smile—as well as your overall health. So enjoy a couple glasses of milk daily as part of your daily beauty routine!

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