Dental Cleaning Vancouver: Addressing Bruxism for Improved Dental Health

07 Feb, 2023 | By teethwhiteningbypearl

At Pearl, we offer dental cleaning in Vancouver. As part of a routine check-up, one of the things we check for is teeth grinding.

Could you be suffering from bruxism (bRUK-siz-um)? Don’t worry—it’s not serious. Bruxism is a medical term used to describe teeth grinding. Awake or asleep, some of us clench or grind our teeth subconsciously. Bruxism isn’t a problem if it’s quickly detected or mild, but if left untreated, it can lead to thinning enamel and cracked teeth, which requires expensive damage restoration. Many patients also experience neck and jaw pain.

At the team at Pearl Teeth Whitening in Vancouver, we provide a comprehensive oral, periodontal, and dental exam with every cleaning appointment. As certified dental hygienists, we don’t just make your smile beautiful—we care about your oral health. That’s why we check to identify signs of grinding, clenching, and other issues, with referrals to dentists as needed.

Griding is pretty common. It may be triggered by stress and anxiety and often occurs at night. It can also be exacerbated by sleep disorders, like apnea, broken or missing teeth, or even an abnormal bite.

The good news is if your bruxism isn’t too severe, there’s a lot you can do to reduce grinding at home. Some of these include:

• Drinking more water
• Greater physical activity
• Extra sleep

Treating mild bruxism centres around reducing stress. It’s generally advisable to avoid gum chewing, which can make grinding and chewing feel more familiar and natural. Reduce alcohol, which can lead to heightened emotions, and caffeine, which can result in jumpiness and tension. Try to focus on keeping the jaw loose and relaxed. In more extreme cases, a dentist may recommend measures such as investing in a protective mouthguard, Botox in the masseter muscles, or even Active Release Therapy.

As dental hygienists in Vancouver, we feel oral health plays a critical role in your overall health and wellness. Beyond daily brushing and flossing, our team supports patients with deep dental cleanings. By scaling away plaque and tarter, we prevent tooth decay and tartar build-up that can lead to gum disease linked to conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and stroke, to name a few.

Grinding is just one of the many conditions we check for when you schedule dental cleaning. At Pearl. We offer a comfortable, relaxing boutique experience free of needles, drills, or expensive treatment plans. Our fees for dental cleaning in Vancouver are structured according to the BC Dental Hygiene Association fee guide and, generally, about 30% less than visiting a dentist—and we accept insurance plans.

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