New Year, New You—Dental Cleaning and Resolutions for a Year Filled with Smiles

13 Jan, 2023 | By teethwhiteningbypearl

Most resolutions revolve around health and fitness—why not extend that to oral health, too? A great smile improves overall health and confidence during interviews, work, social outings, and relationships. As a team specializing in teeth whitening and dental cleaning in Vancouver, we promise this is one resolution worth the effort.

In most cases, implementing healthy, lasting change comes down to creating the right habits. Create and embrace a healthier oral care routine in 2023 with a handful of simple tips from the team at Pearl Teeth Whitening in Vancouver.

For those wondering why dental care matters, it has a far more significant impact on overall health than most realize. According to the Mayo Clinic, many chronic health conditions may be associated with poor oral hygiene.

Make Healthy Oral Hygiene a Habit

With a bit of practice, even flossing can evolve into an activity you look forward to and enjoy. After all, who doesn’t love the feel of clean, sparkling teeth? As a team of dental hygienists, these are five points we recommend to our patients looking for dental cleaning and teeth whitening in Vancouver:

  • Use a soft-bristled brush to minimize enamel damage—make it a habit to gently brush for two minutes, twice a day
  • Switch to a fluoridated toothpaste if you aren’t using one already
  • Angle the toothbrush at 45 degrees from the gumline
  • Clean between teeth once a day, whether that means using floss, a device, or an interdental brush
  • Rinse with mouthwash after brushing

Part of pursuing healthier oral health involves understanding how other areas of life can impact teeth and gums. For example, targeting healthier teeth could mean reducing the intake of sugary sodas and eating more crunchy, healthy snacks that scrape away cavity-causing plaque. Even drinking water plays a role—it swishes away the leftover residue bacteria love while trace elements of fluoride and minerals work to rebuild enamel.

With a few simple steps, it’s possible to boost both oral and overall health. Don’t forget to regularly schedule dental cleaning in Vancouver—that means at least twice a year. Timely visits to an oral health care professional can help stop potentially costly and troublesome dental issues—it also provides an opportunity to scan for telltale signs of more significant health problems, such as oral cancer.

50% Off First-Time Teeth Whitening with Dental Cleaning in Vancouver for New Patients

As a team of dental hygienists, we support clients resolved to take better care of oral health. Start the year right by scheduling dental cleaning, teeth whitening or a combo package—don’t forget we offer newcomers 50% off their first teeth whitening appointment when booked with dental cleaning. It’s 2023—let’s make it your year to smile.

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