Gift from the Heart – Providing Oral Health Care for the Community.

01 Sep, 2022 | By teethwhiteningbypearl

At Pearl Boutique Dental Hygiene in Vancouver, we are volunteering our services to a charity that is doing fantastic work in our communities. Gift from the Heart is working to bring preventative dental care to people that encounter barriers in accessing essential oral health care.

What does Gift from the Heart do?

Gift from the Heart began as a one-day event that invited oral health professionals to give back to their communities by providing no-cost preventative health care. On Saturday September 10th at Pearl Boutique Dental Hygiene, we are offering scheduled, no-cost dental cleanings for under served and vulnerable people in our community.

Dental Care in the News

Recently, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh discussed the importance of dental care as part of the Canadian Health care system. Singh proposed a program that he says, “…would ultimately be a stand-alone federal dental plan that would offer coverage to all those who do not already have it.”

With the cost of living increasing, many Canadians find themselves putting dental care, especially for their children, on the back burner. Young people, low wage workers and seniors are often the groups that are most affected.

The Cost of a Dental Cleaning

The cost associated with dental cleanings can depend on factors such as the location of the clinic and the amount of buildup on the teeth. In Vancouver, a dental cleaning can be upwards of $300 and the longer you go between professional cleanings the more costly it can become.

Dental care is something that people from all walks of life need access to. A Charity like Gift from the Heart can provide cleanings, education and sometimes more importantly feelings of comfort, care and being seen. At Pearl Boutique Dental Hygiene, the team is happy to volunteer their services for such a wonderful cause.

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