A diet for your mouth

08 Jul, 2014 | By teethwhiteningbypearl

Your diet can affect the health of your mouth in many ways: 

1) Sugary foods: cause cavities.

Avoid sticky sugary foods and minimize snacks high in sugar. Avoid sipping juice, power drinks, pop or sugary coffee drinks throughout the day.

2) Acidic foods can cause erosion of enamel.

Examples of acidic foods that may be good for your body, but not so great for your teeth: lemons, lemon water, vinaigrette dressings, coffee, wine and oranges .

Of  course I don’t recommend to avoid these foods, but rinse with water during and after eating/drinking acidic foods and drinks. Also, use pronamel toothpaste to help prevent the erosion of your enamel.

3) Crunchy foods help increase saliva and decrease cavities.

Saliva is the natural cleanser in your mouth to help fight against cavities and gum disease. Eat crunchy healthy foods such as celery and nuts to increase salivary flow!


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