Vancouver Teeth Whitening – Perfect Your Wedding Smile: 15% Off for Brides and Grooms

29 Jun, 2021 | By teethwhiteningbypearl

The wedding’s back on. Everyone’s is. For brides and grooms who want to look their best, a shiny, bright smile is a terrific investment. At Pearl Teeth Whitening in Vancouver, we’re offering 15% off our whitening packages to all you blushing brides and grooms.

Your wedding day is a time for sentiment and beauty. As a celebration of love, weddings are meaningful on so many levels. And people often choose through commemorate through pictures—lots of pictures (videos too). Besides your SO, you will be photographed with friends and family, including some distant second cousins you don’t really know. Nevertheless, these images will become the basis of many happy memories for years to come.

Through dental-grade teeth whitening in Vancouver, we make sure brides and grooms can beam confidently every time the photographer shouts “smile!” 

A shiny bright smile is always a timeless accessory—and one of the best ways to guarantee you’ll pop in those pictures. If this is your first time learning about laser teeth whitening, it’s a simple procedure that takes just 30-60 minutes in our spa-like office.

5 Teeth Whitening Tips for Best Results

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to optimizing your smile.

5) First, your teeth should be CLEAN. If you’ve had a cleaning scheduled within a month or three—go ahead and book your appointment. If you need your teeth cleaned, too, book an appointment for cleaning and whitening.  

4) Laser whitening works to brighten a smile by about two to ten shades (depending on your starting point).

3) Avoid dark, sticky foods and drinks (wine, coffee, balsamic vinegar, etc. ) that can stain the teeth for at least 48 hours after your teeth whitening session

2) Over-the-counter products can be a great way to help maintain your shiny, bright smile—two of our faves are Listerine Healthy White and Crest Gum Detoxify. Watch out for abrasive toothpaste, which can be damaging to your teeth!

1) Maintain your smile by getting your cleaned/whitened at least once a year to prevent surface stains from setting. This is good for hygiene, health, and beauty!

Whitening is a quick and easy way to address teeth that are discoloured and stained. For best results, don’t leave your whitening session till the last minute. Schedule your session about two weeks before the wedding for optimal results on picture day.  

Schedule a teeth cleaning, whitening, or both. Give us a call at  604-620-9901 to set up an appointment and get 15% off your teeth whitening package. Remember to mention our wedding package for 15% off!

Enjoy beautiful white teeth in Vancouver! Contact 604-620-9901 or book online

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