Teeth Whitening Simplified

17 Oct, 2018 | By teethwhiteningbypearl

Now a days there are so many different ways you can whiten your teeth. There are so many choices it becomes overwhelming for the consumer.

The ingredient in all teeth whitening systems that whitens your teeth is Hydrogen Peroxide (HP). The difference between over the counter, whitening spas and professional whitening is the concentration of HP. The weaker the HP the more time required to whiten your teeth.


From weakest to strongest:

  1. Over the counter products  (ex. 2% HP) (1-2 weeks)
  2. Whitening kiosks or spas ( ex. 15% HP ) (2-4 treatments)
  3. Dental professional (ex. 25-35% HP) (1 treatment)


The most effective and safe way to whiten your teeth is to see a dental professional for a strong, effective in-office whitening treatment, followed by 1-2 weeks of a take home whitening supplied by your dental professional.

*Tip* If a protective barrier does not need to be applied to your gums prior to the whitening, it is not a very strong whitening system .

All of the whitening systems used in dental hygiene or dental offices meet the safety and efficacy requirements of the Canadian Dental Association.

Teeth whitening spas and kiosks do not use products of the same caliber, safety or efficacy.

Let the dental professionals take care of your pearly whites!


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