Tooth Jewel Application

04 May, 2023 | By teethwhiteningbypearl

Want to have a fun way to add a sparkle to that smile? How about trying a Swarovski tooth jewel application! This beauty aesthetic can elevate that smile to the next level. Whether it would be for attending a graduation, rocking the dance floor in a party or even in weddings. Here, at Pearl Boutique we professionally apply the jewel without causing damage to your enamel. 

What are Tooth Jewels? 

Tooth Jewel applications are tiny crystals or rhinestones that are placed on your teeth using a special adhesive. They are mainly applied to the incisors or canines (your front 6 teeth) for better appearance and to be spotted quickly. (Of course it’s up to your preference on which tooth you would like to apply to!) 


Some may think that with a tooth jewel application, you would need to drill or have holes in order to apply a tooth jewel… But guess what! That is not necessary, it’s a simple and painless procedure that will roughly take about 10-15 mins of application. Here at Pearl Boutique, we use a dental grade adhesive followed by an LED light to keep the jewel in place. 

Life Span

Now that you have a general idea of how the tooth jewel application process goes. Another question that comes to mind is how long will the jewel last? We usually guarantee a month, but it can last up to a year with proper care! 

There you have it! With just a click, you are one step closer to getting those jewels. 

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