25% of Teeth Whitening When You Book Dental Cleaning

04 Jun, 2021 | By teethwhiteningbypearl

Are your teeth clean but not EXACTLY white? A bright beautiful smile goes beyond brushing. That’s because many daily habits can leave teeth looking dull and stained—cigarettes, coffee, the odd glass of wine. Fortunately, laser teeth whitening is an easy solution to brighten up your smile, by to two to ten shades, depending on your level of staining!

Pearl Teeth Whitening in Vancouver has been in business since 2014. As a boutique, we are proud to offer hygiene and teeth whitening services performed by certified hygienists, using dental-grade products (and equipment). That’s right. We don’t just whiten, we make sure your teeth are clean and healthy.

Dental Grade Laser Teeth Whitening

For optimal results, we recommend scheduling teeth whitening no later than six months of dental cleaning. We can perform both in-office, and Pearl offers a discount for people who book a whitening session during your dental cleaning.

Book a whitening session during your cleaning:

  • Return visitors get 25% teeth whitening
  • First-time visitors get 50% off teeth whitening

Our approach is simple. We want to make sure every session is comfortable and safe, bringing you the highest quality results:

  1. Before getting started, you will be checked to ensure you are a good candidate for teeth whitening
  2. We apply petroleum jelly to the lips and insert the cheek retractors, which hold your lips away from your teeth (and whitening gel), providing better access for the LED light
  3. A gingival barrier is also applied to protect the sensitive gums and areas of the teeth
  4. A dental-grade whitening gel is carefully applied to teeth
  5. You relax for two to four, 15 min rounds of LED whitening
  6. Every 15 minutes, we apply a fresh layer of whitening gel 
  7. We end the session by applying a re-mineralizing/desensitizing treatment to soothe and protect your teeth 

See the Difference!

As part of our process, we measure the color of your teeth before and after your session. We want you to see the difference! For long-lasting results, we recommend avoiding dark-colored food and drink (black coffee, red wine, blueberries, blackberries, curry sauces) for two days.  

It’s also best if you wait a couple days before enjoying acidic, carbonated, very hot, or very cold food/drinks. Sensitivity to heat/cold is normal for about 48 hours. Expect the odd “zinger.” These will gradually fade. Using a sensitivity toothpaste during routine brushing can help speed up the process.


We recommend a touch-up every six months.  Try our take-home LED Wicked White kits to prolong the results. A whitening rinse or toothpaste are also viable solutions. We recommend Listerine While and Crest 3D White, but use a sensitivity toothpaste at night to help protect your teeth. 

Keeping You Safe

To keep you safe during your visit, COVID protocols and sanitation procedures are still in full swing.

1. You will be provided with forms to fill out online before coming in

2. A COVID screening form sent out 24 hours prior to the appointment

3. Upon arrival, all visitors are provided with hand sanitizer and a temp check. We look forward to your visit. As a boutique that specializes in teeth whitening, we’re smile experts. Book your session, so you’re ready to dazzle when the mask comes off.

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