Teeth Cleaning Vs. Teeth Whitening in Vancouver at Pearl Boutique

15 Mar, 2022 | By teethwhiteningbypearl

Did you know at Pearl Boutique we offer both teeth cleaning and teeth whitening in Vancouver? As a team of dental hygienists, our focus is the health and beauty of your smile. However, some clients get confused between the two procedures, which actually have different goals. 

When we talk about teeth cleaning, our primary role is preventing cavities and gum disease. This is health-related, and at Pearl Boutique we are pleased to accept dental insurance for dental cleaning services. Whitening, on the other hand, is a cosmetic service where our hygienists work to remove surface staining for people who want Gram-worthy smiles.

What’s the Difference Between Teeth Cleaning and Whitening?

We recommended a professional dental cleaning at least twice a year—even more for those with a history of gum disease. Like medical check-ups, regular dental check-ups are vital to our overall well-being. There are some devastating illnesses with early signs that begin in the mouth. Additionally, tooth decay and gum disease can lead to serious health problems, including brain and heart infections.

Every dental cleaning at Pearl Boutique includes a thorough examination of the oral tissues, an oral cancer screening, a measurement of gum health—and general notes about oral health. 

Once the check-up is complete, our hygienists start carefully removing plaque and tartar. These deposits usually accumulate below the gum line in those inconvenient areas the toothbrush doesn’t quite reach. Plaque is a sticky substance that forms on teeth, a combination of bacteria, sugar, and the acids secreted from the bacteria. Left too long, it hardens into tartar, which has to be scraped away. Once scaling and root planing are done, a quick polish removes any remnants. Our clients can also request an optional fluoride application, which helps remineralize protective tooth enamel.

In terms of whitening, dental cleaning does help teeth look a bit whiter because tartar has a yellowish tinge. However, for superstar smiles, we offer teeth whitening in Vancouver.

Teeth whitening is not a substitute for teeth cleaning. For optimal results, teeth whitening should happen no more than 2-3 months after your last cleaning appointment.

Safe, Effective Services

As advocates for the health and beauty of your smile, our hygienists check to make sure all patients are suitable candidates for teeth whitening. Those with weak enamel or a history of tooth sensitivity might not be. We’ve set up our whitening procedures to be as safe and effective as possible. As dental hygienists, we have access to dental-grade whitening agents and equipment. Both our products and processes are approved by the Canadian Dental Association, an important consideration for the health and safety of patients.

The process is simple—we start by protecting sensitive gums before carefully applying a gentle but effective whitening agent to teeth. Our LED cooling light activates key ingredients, which begin breaking down surface staining caused by red wine, coffee, smoking—all those lifestyle habits that build up over time.

50% Teeth Whitening in Vancouver

For new patients, Pearl Boutique offers 50% off teeth whitening in Vancouver, with a dental cleaning. This is an outstanding solution to care for your oral health and brighten up your smile. Return patients get 25% off teeth whitening with a dental cleaning.

Smile to 2 to 10 Shades Brighter

At Pearl Boutique, our whitening service gets smiles 2 to 10 shades brighter in about an hour—a noticeable difference. We are proud to offer dental-grade teeth whitening performed by certified dental hygienists who care for your comfort and safety every step of the way. And because we charge hygienist chair rates, not dental chair rates, our pricing makes quality dental care and teeth whitening much more accessible—for beautiful smiles that will last a lifetime.

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