Pearl Boutique Spring Beauty Tips!

12 May, 2017 | By teethwhiteningbypearl

Here are some of our favorite products and services to prep you for summer!

  1. Sonicare Toothbrush- always number 1 to keep those pearly whites fresh and bright.
  2. Avene Thermal Face Spray – great for a hot day at the beach or a finishing spray after applying your makeup. Tip credit Beautimous Lashes & Brows
  3. Wicked White Lip Gloss- this amazing plumping, brightening and moisturizing lip gloss even has a fresh minty taste! Our fav lip gloss on the market!
  4. Osmosis Face Products- these are some of the products that they use at the amazing GLOW Dermal Therapy Skin Studio, and we are in love! These products will keep your skin smooth and glowing.
  5. Synergy Organics Mouth Rinse- this refreshing all natural mouth rinse comes in 2 flavors, citrus and lavender, and the best part is, it is made here in BC!
  6. Rodan & Fields Self Tanner – this self tanner works quickly and effectively, its foam consistency makes it easy to apply evenly, contact a local R&F rep to get yours! Our favorite rep is Lisa Riddell Danco.
  7. Eyelashes and Eyebrows- with summer around the corner swimming and little to no makeup is inevitable, wake up with beautiful brows and eyelashes for beach days and BBQ’s! Visit this master of her practice Beautimous Lashes & Brows.
  8. Krystal Fit Power Plate Studio- who doesn’t want a personalized amazing workout that makes you feel like you worked out for an hour, but really it is only 30 mins. At Krystal Fit Studio your workout is on a power plate, meaning you burn more calories in less time! Hello beach body!
  9. White Teeth- of course! We would never forget how great a fresh set of pearly whites goes with a tan! Get those pearly whites freshened up in our South Granville location for all your spring and summer festivities coming up!
  10. Roxann’s Hat Store- hands down the best hat store, with the most selection and the best customer service. Find Roxann’s Hat Store’s amazing storefront in beautiful Fort Langley! Everyone needs a great spring/summer hat, and Fort Langley is such a lovely place to visit on a nice day!

Happy spring everyone! The sun is starting to shine more and more here in beautiful Vancouver, BC!

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