New Teeth Whitening Promotions Now Available!

12 Aug, 2021 | By teethwhiteningbypearl

Looking for a reason to enjoy a whiter smile? How about one of our special teeth whitening promotions?

Who doesn’t love a shiny, white smile? Well, yours is about to get even bigger. At Pearl Teeth Whitening in Vancouver, we’ve got 4 brand new promos, so you can enjoy a healthy, white smile for less!

Is it your birthday? Are you getting married? Don’t have insurance? Are you a repeat customer or a first-timer? If any of these apply, you’re eligible for extra savings:

Happy Birthday Promo

If it’s your birthday, you can enjoy 10% off teeth whitening services and products in our store for your birthday month! Get minty, fresh breath and Insta-worthy shots. Hit maximum radiance within one week of treatment!

I Do Promo

Ready for our version of the white wedding? Brides and grooms enjoy 15% off teeth whitening services. Make your smile spectacular before the photographer starts snapping.

Oh, No Insurance Promo

 Enjoy a comfortable, relaxing dental cleaning experience. We’re here to make oral health more accessible and offer 10% off if you don’t have dental insurance.

First Time & Come Again Promo

To keep your smile clean and beautiful, we offer first-time patients 50% off teeth whitening when you book a dental cleaning at full price. And to keep you coming back regularly, we’ll take 25% off your teeth whitening, every time you schedule a dental cleaning/teeth whitening appointment.

Try Laser Teeth Whitening in Vancouver

At Pearl, our certified dental technicians use state-of-the-art LED lasers to get your teeth two to ten shades brighter. 

Relax in our spa-like boutique, located at the heart of South Granville. At the start of your appointment, a dental hygienist will apply a professional dental-grade whitening gel to your teeth. An in-office superior LED cooling light is then used to amplify the whitening effects of the gel. 

The entire process is painless, with no recovery or downtime necessary. Instantly whiten and brighten. We suggest refraining from food and drink that can stain for optimal results. Avoid coffee, berries, wine, etc., at least 24 hours after your appointment.

Find out why Pearl Teeth Whitening in Vancouver is the preferred choice for local beauty bloggers, models, actors/actresses—just about anyone who wants the confidence that comes with a whiter, brighter smile

If you’ve been looking for a reason to visit us at Pearl Boutique. We invite you to check out our new teeth whitening promotions page. It’s just another way we’re making Vancouver smile.

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