Don’t Be Naughty: Schedule Teeth Cleaning This December

03 Dec, 2021 | By teethwhiteningbypearl

Remember Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? Hermey the Elf knew the importance of good oral hygiene, even during the holidays. This December, we encourage you to schedule a year-end session of teeth cleaning in Vancouver.

T’is the season to eat, drink, and be merry. There’s food everywhere—and a lot of it is sweet. Hot chocolate, cakes, pies, pasties—and pretty much anything peppermint! But the fallout can be a bit more consequential than a few holidays pounds, especially if you neglect your oral hygiene. All that sugar can build up, coating the teeth and creating the perfect conditions for plaque that erodes enamel, leading to cavities and all kinds of painful conditions. Not very jolly at all.

We know with the shopping, cooking, planning, and parties, your teeth probably aren’t top of mind. However, the year-end is an excellent time to schedule teeth cleaning in Vancouver for a few reasons:

  • Use up expiring dental insurance
  • Eliminate plaque from sugary snacking 
  • Get an Insta-ready smile

50% off Teeth Whitening to First Time Patients

In between your errands, we invite you to come in and enjoy a teeth cleaning session at our boutique office located in the heart of South Granville. 

We accept dental insurance for cleaning sessions and want to remind everyone that booking a dental cleaning session is one of the best ways to enjoy a white Christmas, because we offer new customers 50% off whitening when booking both services together (25% off for returning customers).

Your 1-hour dental cleaning session will include scaling and root planing to remove harmful plaque deposits, with optional polishing and fluoride application. Oh, and we’ll include a quick examination to make sure your teeth are healthy, strong, and ready for the New Year.

At Pearl Dental Cleaning in Vancouver, we always offer quality hygiene services at affordable prices. Our dental cleaning fees are structured according to the BC Dental Hygiene Association Fee Guide.

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Book now to get started. May your gums be healthy and bright—and may all your Christmas smiles be white!

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