How to Look After Your BRACES

04 Apr, 2023 | By teethwhiteningbypearl

We all know braces help improve the health of your teeth, and certainly can improve the appearance of your smile. Dental hygienists who specialize in Teeth Cleaning in Vancouver provide useful tips on how to look after your braces.

Braces, however, can be a challenge to look after. You may notice your teeth get a lot more food stuck in them, and they may stain a lot easier. But this is not all, braces can also increase your risk of gum disease, enamel demineralization, white spots and eventually cavities.  

Here, at Pearl Boutique Dental Hygiene, we are going to discuss some important tips and tricks on how to clean your braces and maintain the health of your smile.

Top favorites from hygienist at Pearl Boutique Dental 

We specialize in Teeth Cleaning in Vancouver and want to help you look after your braces with a few of the following tips to help improve and maintain your braces:

  • Waterpik is a great tool for hard to reach areas 
  • Proxybrush helps clean between wires 
  • Electric toothbrush more effective of removing plaque and and bacteria 
  • Fluoride toothpaste helps to prevent white spots, cavities and demineralization (when using this, make sure to brush and spit out and do not rise)

Regular professional Teeth Cleanings in Vancouver by a hygienist is a must and should often be three cleanings a year. It is important that you take these steps to help avoid cavities forming and plaque build ups. 

Waterpik is  high powered water to clean in between teeth with pulsating water that can eliminate plaque and food build up.There are many versions ranging from travel sizes to cordless. This is an efficient tool to help you get into a habit of alternative flossing. 

Proxy brushes are tools to remove dental plaque from hard to reach areas between the teeth commonly missed by toothbrushes. As daily use it can help remove bacteria in which can eliminate bad breath, cavities and plaque build up.

Electric toothbrush promotes better oral hygiene especially when you have braces. They can easily clean out trapped foods and bacteria around the brackets and elastics as well as under the wires.

Fluoride toothpaste helps strengthen the developing enamel and helps slow down producing acid that are caused by plaques. 

Now that you know the tips and tricks on how to keep your hygiene with braces at best, a good way to reward yourself once those braces come off is to have Teeth Whitening to brighten that smile! 

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