A Day at an Independent Dental Hygiene Clinic In Vancouver

07 Nov, 2019 | By teethwhiteningbypearl

What is the difference between a general dental office and an Independent Dental Hygienist Clinic in Vancouver?

Everyone is used to going to a regular dental office. You get your dental cleaning from the registered dental hygienist, and then the dentist pops in at the end.

At an Independent Dental Hygiene Clinic in Vancouver, the registered dental hygienist has more time to focus on your individual oral and overall health needs. Therefore, we can focus on the prevention and treatment of gum disease, as well as preventing cavities. We want to prevent these problems, before they occur.

An appointment at Pearl Boutique’s Independent Dental Hygiene Clinic in Vancouver

First, you will walk into a quiet, quaint waiting area, looking over South Granville. There are never a lot of people waiting for their appointment because we only see one patient at a time. This allows our focus to be 100% on you and your healthcare needs. You will then be offered a beverage, and given your health history forms to fill out.

We will take you into our large, bright, dental hygiene room with floor to ceiling windows, letting in a lot of sunlight. The dental hygienist will review your health history and dental history.

The practitioner then takes a blood pressure reading. This is to ensure that in case of an emergency and your blood pressure goes up or down, we know what your base line blood pressure is.

The registered dental hygienist will then lie you back, and offer you extra pillows or a blanket, to ensure your optimal comfort before beginning.

Your dental hygienist will then do a series of assessments before they begin cleaning your teeth. Your gums and teeth will be checked, followed by an oral cancer screening.

We are now ready to start your dental cleaning. This is done with the highest level of care and effectiveness. Your comfort is very important to us; we use a variety of instruments and techniques to ensure your comfort!

Polish, Fluoride & Xrays

At the end of the dental cleaning, you will be offered a choice for your polish and fluoride. At Pearl Boutique Independent Dental Hygiene Clinic in Vancouver, fluoride and polish is not mandatory. It is YOUR choice.

Pearl Boutique Dental Hygienists do not take xrays on every client. If we think an xray will help your cleaning, we might recommend it.


As an Independent Dental Hygiene Clinic, we do not do any restorative work. This means we have close relationships with some of the greatest dentists in the city. We will refer you for any necessary dental work to one of our amazing dentists!






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