5 Reasons to Try Professional Teeth Whitening with Pearl

09 Dec, 2021 | By teethwhiteningbypearl

Have you been looking for an effective way to whiten your smile? For results as dazzling as the Christmas snow, try Pearl LED teeth whitening in Vancouver.

LED teeth whitening, also referred to as laser teeth whitening, uses light to whiten and brighten teeth. Although LED and Laser whitening technologies are slightly different, both services have become tremendously popular because they get rid of ugly surface staining in a way that’s fast, convenient, and safe—at least when performed by a dental services provider.

How LED/Laser Teeth Whitening Works

Teeth whitening is a relatively simple process, but it requires the right products and tools. At Pearl Teeth Whitening in Vancouver, we use a dental grade gel whitening for whiter, more perfect smiles—and our LED technology is cutting edge. Moreover, our hygienists place a barrier on the gums to reduce potential sensitivity. Patients enjoy results two to ten shades brighter, making this an easy way to brighten up your holiday season.

Why Professionalism Matters

Many providers offer teeth whitening in Vancouver, but not everyone is a good candidate, and that’s where professionalism matters. The hygienists at Pearl take several steps to ensure your whitening session is safe and effective. These include:

  • Checking your teeth/gums to make sure whitening is safe
  • Using only dental-grade products/equipment 
  • Placing a barrier on gums for comfort and protection 
  • Monitoring for potential problems and managing sensitivity
  • Providing results 2 to 10 shades brighter in about an hour

Results are instant—and you can even follow up with an optional fluoride treatment that reduces sensitivity and strengthens teeth. Learn more about how to make your smile whiter and brighter. And don’t forget, first-time customers get 50% teeth whitening when booking a whitening and cleaning service together (25% off for return customers).

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