The all Natural Way to Maintain a Fresh and Bright Smile in 2017

06 Jan, 2017 | By teethwhiteningbypearl

Here are some great products that will keep your smile bright and healthy for the new year!

  1. Sonicare Tooth Brush- #1 electric tooth brush- will leave your teeth feeling oh so smooth!
  2. Synergy Organic Mouthrinse- all natural mouthrinse that you can use through out the day to freshen your breath 🙂
  3. Pearl Bar All Natural Tooth Brush- this tooth brush is a must see! It has charcoal infused tooth brush bristles to keep you smiling bright and a wood handle that is completely biodegradable.
  4. Activated Charcoal- the newest natural way to whiten your teeth is with organic activated charcoal, brush with this, then rinse and brush with your regular toothpaste- your teeth will sparkle with delight!
  5. Oil pulling- another organic/all natural way to help whiten your teeth and prevent gum disease, and it tastes good too!
  6. MI Paste- this lotion for your teeth is like magic, it has so many benefits for the health of your teeth. It’s active ingredient is calcium to help strengthen and whiten your teeth, while leaving a smooth gloss over the teeth to help prevent staining.


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