New Patients Get 50% Off Teeth Whitening When Booked with a Dental Cleaning

12 Apr, 2023 | By teethwhiteningbypearl

Ready for a smile that’s white and healthy? Dental cleaning and teeth whitening work hand-in-hand, although they’re different services. As dental hygienists, we recommend scheduling teeth whitening within three months of dental cleaning. Why? Clean teeth are healthy teeth. Plus, cleaning your teeth ahead of a whitening treatment enhances the procedure results and maximizes the sparkling benefits.

Dental cleaning is about hygiene and health—it removes food particles lodged around the mouth and cavity-causing tartar and plaque. As dental hygienists, we recommend dental cleaning twice a year for optimum health. The cleaning process also enhances the whitening process, which is cosmetic. Plaque and tartar aren’t easy to remove. Ensuring teeth are optimally cleaned before whitening allows our dental-grade whitening agent to work more effectively. The gel adheres to the teeth, reaching the nooks and crannies for more effective and balanced whitening results.

As a boutique exclusively focusing on dental cleaning and teeth whitening in Vancouver, we’re pleased to offer a combo cleaning and whitening package. First-time patients get 50% teeth whitening when booked with a dental cleaning. Returning patients get 25% off whitening and cleaning. It’s our most popular package and great for anyone who wants to focus on the health and beauty of their smile.

We begin every appointment with a quick check for signs of gum disease, tooth decay or infection. If necessary, we can refer our patients to a dentist. If everything seems well, the hygienist will begin by scaling plaque and tartar off. We work to scale away surface staining for clean, healthy teeth. This is enough for some patients, but it’s just the first step for those who want professional teeth whitening. A clean mouth free of surface staining means our whitening gel can adhere and work more effectively—results are more uniform, dramatic, and last longer, too. 

Most of our patients see results between 2 to 10 shades brighter. It’s pretty dramatic for a one-hour treatment, and one of the reasons we’re a go-to for actors, models, brides, grooms, and all kinds of professionals who want to keep their smiles beautiful and bright. 

One of the most significant advantages of choosing Pearl Teeth Whitening in Vancouver is while we offer dental-grade whitening and hygiene services conducted by licensed hygienists who care for your health, safety, and comfort—we charge hygienists rates, not dental chair rates. Oral hygiene is essential to overall health and wellness and should be more accessible to everyone. We also accept insurance on all hygiene services.

For effective dental cleaning and teeth whitening conducted by dental hygienists, we invite you to experience the service at Pearl Dental Hygiene & Whitening Boutique. We’ve got a 5-star rating on Google with 111 reviews on Google. Make an appointment online or call (604) 620-9901 for more information.

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