Dental Cleaning in Vancouver: The A-Z Approach at Pearl Boutique

23 Mar, 2021 | By teethwhiteningbypearl

Ready to put on a happy face? Pearl Boutique offers laser teeth whitening and dental cleaning in Vancouver.

At your first visit to Pearl Boutique in Vancouver, you will be asked to fill out a health and dental history that we will review together.  You will receive a COVID screening form 24 hours before your appt sent via email. If you have dental insurance, please bring it with you. As part of our COVID-19 protocol, we’ll perform a temperature check when you arrive.

We look at oral health as an important overall part of your wellness strategy. Before we start any treatment, we work to establish baseline data and build a good understanding of your overall health (medications, conditions, hospitalizations) and dental history, including your last appointment, treatment, and any dental trauma.

After a quick blood pressure check, we’ll look at the tissues in your mouth to detect lumps, bumps, or any other abnormalities. Part of this will be using a fluorescence machine called the Velscope. Additionally, we will check all your teeth for cracks, wear, breaks, thinning bites, dental work, and any wear and tear that could lead to complications later in the future. 

Our A-Z Approach

Your dental cleaning will also include checking the gums and bones that hold the teeth in place. This means measuring bone levels and checking for any inflammation or bleeding–an indicator of gum disease.  

Once dental cleaning begins, we focus on areas with the most build-up and inflammation. For maximum efficacy and comfort, we use a cavitron (similar to a tiny pressure washer) to remove hard deposits. After the bulk of deposits are gone, your dental hygienist will swing in with precision hand instruments to complete the fine cleaning. Scaling is often the most important part of dental cleaning. The deposits on your teeth are covered in harmful bacteria. Removing this build-up is an important step to the treatment and prevention of gum disease.

After your hygienist has removed deposits, you can opt for a relaxing polish to remove any light staining. The final step is a fluoride application. We also recommend a fluoride varnish. As the most effective fluoride treatment, your teeth easily absorb this varnish for maximum benefits. There are no messy trays or rinses, and you can eat immediately after.

As your Vancouver dental cleaning and whitening boutique, we provide dental-grade services. For those who have dental insurance, our helpful staff members will complete the necessary paperwork and submit it to your dental service provider. And for those without insurance, we are happy to deduct 10% off your service to make dental hygiene more accessible and affordable. 

Pearl Dental Cleaning in Vancouver

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