A Passing Grade at your Back-to-School Dental Cleaning

18 Aug, 2022 | By teethwhiteningbypearl

With summer winding down and the back-to-school season around the corner, scheduling a teeth cleaning for your child is a must. Whether it’s Elementary School or College, starting the school year with a healthy white smile is one way to help set your child up for success.

At Pearl Boutique Dental Hygiene in Vancouver, we believe these formative years are the best time to help your child develop an age appropriate at home routine. Good preventative care means less pain, and the patient may avoid expensive and more serious procedures later.

Why Childhood Dental Checkups are necessary

Checkups for your child can help find any problems before they impact their ability to concentrate in school. Regular dental checkups can help catch bite problems, cavities and decay early. Regular checkups also helps your child improve their dental hygiene routine and teaches them good habits that can follow them into adulthood.

Parents can encourage Age-Appropriate Dental Habits

For Children Under 6: At this age they are still developing their fine motor skills you may want to let them start brushing on their own and jump in when necessary. During this time, take into account they are still growing and need to accommodate the new teeth that are coming in.

7-12: At this stage your child will have their routine down. It’s up to the parents to keep encouraging good brushing and flossing, because in some cases, they may not want to. A little more reminding may be needed.

13-18: During this time children are going through personal changes. Reiterating the importance of personal hygiene and first impressions is important during this time. You may not have time for a daily check up, but ensure they know the consequences of poor oral hygiene and have the tools necessary to achieve success in that area.

Tips for a smoother appointment for your child

Plan Ahead: Booking earlier appointments means they are out of the way come school time. If additional appointments are needed, they can be done in the summer months rather than your child having to miss school or activities for it.

Eat a Snack: It’s best to feed your child a light meal before the appointment. You want them to be in a good mood and as comfortable as possible. Make sure to leave some time for them to either brush their teeth or rinse their mouth afterwards.

Talk to them: If they are old enough, explain what the appointment may consist of and why it’s important. Encourage them to ask their Dental provider a few questions if they have them. You want your child to feel successful at getting through an appointment or that they have some say in what is going on.

Be Thorough: Fill out the Health Forms with as much detail as possible. Have any information on hand such as last visit, injuries, surgeries this allows the Dental professional to make informed decisions and give well rounded quality of care.

Booking your child for a Back-to-School Dental Cleaning should be a fun and exciting start to the school year. Book and appointment with us at Pearl Boutique Dental Hygiene

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