September Fresh Start

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September Fresh Start

September is like the new year for many of us, wanting to get back on track with our schedules and our health!

Some tips to keep your pearly whites healthy and happy this fall season:

  1. Healthy crunchy snacks help naturally cleanse your teeth, such as carrots and nuts.
  2. Brushing with an electric tooth brush, twice a day for 2 minutes! Our favourite is the Sonicare (a little secret, the  easy clean for $120 is just as good as the diamond clean for $250!)
  3. Flossing 1 x per day, if you have flossing try a water pik!
  4. Rinsing 1 x per day, some great mouth rinses are: Synergy Organic, Listerine and OPTI Rinse.
  5. If you clench or grind, or have any veneers, we recommend you consider wearing a night guard for sleeping, this will prevent wear and tear, even possibly cracks in the enamel!
  6. If you or your kids are joining any sports teams this fall, we recommend a mouth guard to protect from injury to your teeth and gums!
  7. Last but certainly not least, make sure to be getting your regular teeth cleanings (at least 2 times per year). We can get under the gums where floss and toothbrush bristles don’t reach.



Emma Johnson is the owner of Pearl Boutique, a clinic that specializes in teeth whitening. She is a registered dental hygienist and completed her diploma at Camosun College, which offers one of the best recognized dental hygiene programs in Canada. Emma also holds a health science degree in kinesiology from the University of the Fraser Valley.

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