Pearl Dental Hygiene & Teeth Whitening Product Lists

Take-Home Teeth Whitening Products

Pearl Teeth Whitening & Dental Hygiene Boutique, is pleased to offer take-home teeth whitening products and kits to help you keep your bright smile longer

Refill whitening gel for at home trays: $15 + tax

UnknownTeeth whitening pens for on the go whitening: $29.99

Teeth whitening pen with a tray : $40.00

Oral Hygiene Products 

MI paste: $20 – Calcium derived tooth lotion to help prevent cavities, remineralize the enamel, prevent erosion, reverse white spots and treat sensitivity

Sonicare Electric Tooth Brush : $99.50

Lip Gloss/Plumper : $30.00

Synergy Organic Mouth Rinse: $15.00

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