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WOW! What a difference 45 minutes makes! (4 shades lighter thats the difference!) Emma is so friendly, and so very knowledgable. I have been following Pearl White on Instagram for 4 years and known about them for 5. I wish I went in sooner because my teeth are now certainly pearly whites! I can’t stop smiling! Support local business!

(Danielle Dufall, Jan 2019)

I was in there a few weeks ago and it was a pleasant atmosphere. The dental hygienist was very thorough on each step by step she took to let me know what she was doing and what to expect. She was very energetic, friendly and had a positive energy. I came in with pretty white teeth and was honest about the result to expect and honest with the max amount of time she would use for the whitening. Offered options to reduce sensitivity after the treatment and was clear on what to stay away from. I suprisingly didn’t experience any sensitivity. I had some issues with submitting my claim and they stepped right in and responded quickly and resolved the issue within an hour which I also really appreciated. I def recommend for an all around great experience. Thank you!!

(L Cee, July 2018)

Emma’s awesome dental hygiene boutique is a god-send for anyone who is self-employed. For years I would travel overseas for a good teeth cleaning, but Emma’s service will keep me doing it here in Vancouver. She’s very knowledgeable and gentle, and the place is very relaxing. She has some really great products as well, like the natural mouth rinse! I’m sending my husband here, and I’ll be back!

(E. Reynel, Sept 2017) 

Excellent and cute office!
Emma made sure I was comfortable during the whole procedure, and I was beyond happy with the results. She went above and beyond by giving me chapstick in the beginning, and explaining everything.
I will be back 🙂 and I highly recommend.

(C. Robinson, May 2017)

This was the best experience I’ve had with a dental cleaning + whitening clinic and dentist in general! Emma is awesome and her boutique is spa-like and comfortable! The process was easy and my teeth now feel healthy and way brighter. I didn’t experience any tooth sensitivity during or post-whitening. I’d highly recommend to anyone looking for a cleaning, check-up, and/or whitening in Vancouver!

(S. Ellis, Feb 2017)

Amazing service! I usually never like going to the dentist but she’s definitely one of a kind! she’s amazing and down to earth not afraid of the dental office time and office friendly, more dental offices should be like her! conveniently located so you’re never traveling too far! 🙂 soo looking forward to coming back! My teeth are healthy and clean and pearly white! she deserves a lot more recognition for what she does! thank you so much Yelp for suggesting me this place! never looking back 🙂

(B.B, Facebook user, Dec 2016)

Nothing but fantastic things to say about this business. Emma is professional, personable, and fantastic at what she does. I came by Pearl originally from Groupon and had my teeth whitened. That was over a year ago and they are still whiter than when I started! The procedure was painless and easy.

I have continued to go back to Emma for regular teeth cleanings (the 6-month emails are handy). She’s quick, effective, friendly, gentle, and good at what she does. She doesn’t upsell, recommended me to a great dentist (for basics like x-rays, etc), and submits my insurance paperwork during the visit so I get my refund faster. I’ll continue to go back!

(JS, yelp user, June 2016)

The best!!! Emma is seriously so incredible at her job. She’s super knowledgeable and passionateI came here to get my teeth whitened. I’ve only done this once before at a different location (not pearl dental) I had extreme sensitivity during the process and afterwards, to the point of tears, so you can imagine how nervous I was about trying again.  Emma was so comforting and payed close attention to my needs and fears! I had ZERO sensitivity during the process and not a drop of pain after. I am so so so pleased that I came here and will continue to see Emma for my whitening needs!!

(Kayla A, Jan 2016)

So happy to have found Emma, she is by far the best hygienist I’ve ever come across. She’s friendly, easy to talk to and actually, makes you want to return every six months for proper cleaning. Love that she takes her time with you and is gentle while throughly cleaning. Amazing, that they also offer 15% off to clients who don’t have dental insurance.

(Sharon, Jan 2016)

Pearl is the best! Emma is a gentle and knowledgable dental hygienist. The new location on Granville is serene and spa- like and the perfect setting for getting your teeth cleaned. She is never rushed and is so genuine. Have had my teeth cleaned by many different hygienists over the years but this is top-notch. Highly recommend !

(J.Singh, Jan 2016)

Awesome. All of it. Went on my lunch break and was in and out in an hour, four shades lighter.  My teeth weren’t even that stained to begin with, but as I enjoy both coffee and red wine pretty frequently, I assumed that I had caused at least some damage! Having only used crest white strips before, which left my teeth quite sensitive,  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was definitely prepared for the worst. Emma, a dental hygienist with a huge amount of knowledge, explained everything and said that even when people say they feel sensitivity after, it’s quite minimal. I decided to get the $15 desensitizing treatment added, figuring that if the strips left me sensitive, this could be way worse. It’s now one day after treatment, which is when Emma said I would potentially notice the most sensitivity, and I’m totally fine. Sure, if I suck in cold air through my teeth or drink super cold water I can feel it more, but barely. And my teeth look great. I’m very pleased I did this!  No regrets.

(Yelp User, Oct 2015)

I recently had my teeth whitened with Emma and I couldn’t be happier with the results! Emma is extremely friendly and ensures that you are comfortable throughout the process! I got them done for my best friends wedding and I cannot wait to show off my new smile! Thanks Emma !!

(Sarah D, March 2015)

Emma at Pearl Whitening did a fantastic job with my teeth cleaning, she was very gentle and professional. The atmosphere at pearl was nice and relaxing!

(Ron J, March 2015)

Very nice place and relaxed atmosphere. Hadn’t been to dentist in long time and Emma did excellent job cleaning my teeth. Super easy to get there by bus. Only took 15 min from downtown on the #10.

(C. Day, Jan 2014)

Love Emma and great little spot and atmosphere to get your teeth whitened. I was fearful, as I’ve always had a LOT of sensitivity, but didn’t experience any (just had my second treatment) and my teeth lightened up nicely! Will definitely keep going!

(Brandy, Sept 2014)

5 stars for Emma! Had my teeth cleaned and whitened today and she was just super. Friendly, sincere, and approachable. Felt hardly any discomfort during the teeth cleaning, and as for the whitening, my teeth got 10 shades lighter after the 45 minute treatment! Not only that, but her prices are affordable as well. Would definitely recommend 🙂 (Already have my next teeth cleaning appointment with her booked!)

(Cally, June 2014)

Emma was extremely welcoming has great bedside manner. I was quite nervous to get my first teeth whitening, but she explained the entire process and I am so happy with the results.  I will definitely be going back for my regular cleanings and additional whitening sessions in the future.

(Joan, May 2014)

Emma, the hygienist, is amazing! She is extremely gentle and very thorough. The environment is very comfortable and Emma is extremely knowledgeable. I will definitely return to have a professional whitening treatment as well.

(Clancy, Feb 2014)

I have never had my teeth professionally whitened and Crest White Strips always make my teeth very painful and sensitive. With the whitening done at Pearl I had absolutely no pain or increase in sensitivity!! AND my teeth got 4 shades whiter! The Hygienist was friendly and talked me through every step which was reassuring and informative. The clinic is clean and cozy and I felt very comfortable. I am suggesting Pearl Dental Whitening to all my family, friends and even strangers on the street who have been commenting on how white my teeth are. I will definitely be doing it again in a few months!!

(Lily E, Dec 2013)

I’ve never had my teeth whitened before, so I was a bit nervous. It didn’t hurt at all, and the results were amazing. My teeth were at least 4 shades brighter. I’m definitely going back to have them erase the evidence of my coffee-love.

(Nita N.)

If you want a quick whitening treatment without going to the Dentist I recommend Pearl and Shelley. Quiet and relaxing and effective results.

(Carol G.)

I just had experienced a full whitening session with Christina at their new Boutique office and I was very impressed with the results, the place is beautiful and had no sensitivity which I have had in the past at my dental office. Thanks so much for all your tips I will look forward to coming back again this year.

(Jacqueline Marshall, March,2013)

Thanks for the wonderful results Christina. The experience was just like the dental office but like the Pearl Boutique’s office much better. I really love the Pearl Oyster gift that is a great idea for your clients.

(Katie Sangar, March,2013)

I loved my results so much I booked my husband in right away and his results were amazing. I would highly recommend Pearl Whitening Boutique to anyone looking for great whitening results.

(Lara Witman, March,2013)

Christina was really helpful through the whole appointment. She discussed everything before she did it as I wasn’t sure what to expect and was hoping it was not going to be sensitive. No pain and happy with my results. Thanks

(Sharon Mackenzie, March, 2013)

Very cool place and the I Pad came in handy. I am more the pleased with my teeth whitening and thanks for all the tips. I will be back for sure.

(Paul Obrian, April,2013)

I still can get over the shade difference. After one office appointment it lighten almost 10 shades. That was great. I would definitely recommend going to Pearl Boutique’s to friends. I can’t believe a payed way less than my own Dental Office was charging. Thanks again.

(Jeff Timber, March,2013)

I just had an appointment at Pearl Boutique and will say that I was pleasantly delighted with my results. I have tried strips and other drug store products and never received the white shade difference I just had at Pearl Whitening. Many thanks and I will be back.

(Micheal K, April,2013)

I would recommend coming to Pearl Whitening it was very professional and great results. I have had this done at my Dental Office about 4 years ago and this place was alot more relaxing and helpful. It really helps that everything is customized for what your results need. Great price with great whitening results.

(Greg Patterson)


I didn’t want to go to my Dental Office for in office as its way to expensive. I found Pearl on google and thought to try it out. I am so glad I did.

(Tyler Morrison, April,2013)

I didn’t think my teeth could get that white, it was great to see that kind of results. I did feel a bit of sensitivity but nothing strong. Christina did mention at a stronger percentage that a little sensitivity is very normal and it was gone the next day. But it wasn’t really uncomfortable. Thanks for your help and professionalism.

(Katherine Anderson, March,2013)

I really liked the office and very helpful with all my questions about whitening. We definitely got some good results not barely an hour of time. The personalized take home kit was awsome. Thanks Pearl


I wasn’t sure what to expect but everything was very professional just like my dental whitening in the passed but a lot less in price. My results were fantastic. I am so glad I found Pearl. Thanks so much for the pearl gift too.

(Katie Smitts, April,2013)

I would recommend Pearl to anyone looking for a real whitening job! I have tried other places that offered whitening and all they did was try and sell me more stuff. My results did not have much difference. At Pearl my whitening was 8 shades whiter! Thanks again.

(Colin Miller, April, 2013)

I purchased a Living Social voucher and was not sure what to expect but I was very pleasantly surprised with my newly whiten teeth. I plan to be back for sure.

(Anna Kindle, May,2013)

Thanks so much for the whiter smile I have tried with other products but never got the results I did at Pearl Boutique. Christina was very detailed and made me feel so comfortable. I definitely recommend coming to get your in office whitening here.

(Danny Copper, May,2013)

Thanks Christina for your great services. It was really wonderful that Christina explained all the differences between whitening products and helped me understand what can work for me to finally get the results I have always wanted. Christina was very educational in the whitening treatment and I had no sensitivity. Thanks for the take home package and all the extra information. I will diffidently be back.

(Jennifer Macas, May, 2013)

Amazing service. Christine was very forthcoming with the realities of teeth whitening, offered all info, both good and bad about the process and never rushed into the procedure. All questions were welcomed and answered with care. I will definitely be coming back.

(June 18, 2013)

Lovely gal–relaxing, I fell asleep!–and my teeth are indeed whiter.

(June 17, 2013)

Extremely professional and knowledgeable. She took the time to explain the process always made sure I was comfortable and well. Very good experience!

(June 14, 2013)

“I got immediate results from the teeth whitening procedure which is fantastic to see. The overall experience was quite pleasant as well as Christine was very professional, knowledgeable and just overall a nice person. I would recommend this place.”

(Edwin, Feb, 2013)

“Appointment on time , very friendly and professional. My teeth look great !! Would go back and will tell others.”

(Brigitte, May, 2013)

“Christine was exceptional in her detailed explanation of the procedure she was doing. The results were great. I’d recommend it to anyone.”

(Hunter, May, 2013)

Excellent, professional service. thank you

(November 28, 2013)

Christine is amazing. She’s super knowledgeable and wants to help her customers to the best of her ability. My teeth looks amazing after visiting her. She’s super chilled and I’ll definitely recommend my friends to her!!

(November 09, 2013)

thank you Pearl. I had a great visit for teeth cleaning and teeth whitening. I would definitely recommend you to others considering either of these services.

(December 06, 2013)

Definitely go to this office. More personalized service (didn’t wait long). Extremely professional and knowledgable. Christina is personable and really knows her business. Prior, I went to a salon offering “professional” teeth whitening. They definitely knew more about tanning than teeth whitening. Save yourself time and money and go with this professional dental hygienist for best results. And no – I don’t normally provide feedback but was extremely impressed.

(December 02, 2013)



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