Love Your Pearly Whites this Christmas!

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Love Your Pearly Whites this Christmas!

Why not give yourself the gift of a pearly white smile for Christmas? Your dress does not have to be the only thing gleaming at your holiday parties this year! We offer teeth cleaning and in-office laser teeth whitening to help you smile your brightest this holiday season.

Other exciting products we offer to maintain those pearly whites are:

MI paste- helps prevent stain, even out white spots and prevent cavities.

Sonicare- the best electric tooth brush on the market!

Bamboo and Charcoal Tooth Brushes- these amazing manual tooth brushes not only help keep you smiling bright, but you are doing a good deed using them, when you are ready to throw them out, they go into the compost!

Synergy Organics Mouth Rinse- anti-bacterial mouth rinse that keeps your breath fresh with only essential oils. This lovely BC produced mouth rinse comes in two flavors- citrus and lavender .

Wicked White Lip Gloss- this gloss will keep you smiling bright all day with fresh breath! It is mint flavored and made with blue undertones to make your teeth appear whiter.

Wicked White Whitening Pen- last but certainly not least, is this gem! This convenient, on the go pen helps you keep your smile sparking throughout the holiday season!


Emma Johnson is the owner of Pearl Boutique, a clinic that specializes in teeth whitening. She is a registered dental hygienist and completed her diploma at Camosun College, which offers one of the best recognized dental hygiene programs in Canada. Emma also holds a health science degree in kinesiology from the University of the Fraser Valley.

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